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Down You Go

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Down You Go

Late 40s - early 50s panel show.Was one of those shows that aired on all 4 networks at some point.The great majority of it's run was on Dumont.Only time I ever heard of the show was in a Honeymooners episode,where Ralph is threatening to punch his wife Alice.

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Reviewer: 60skid - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 21, 2012
Reviewer: pauls son - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 16, 2010
Subject: DOWN YOU GO
After some research I believe I have narrowed down the air date for this show to 1953 or 1954. This is somewhat supported by the "plug" for the Loretta Young Show" and the mention of Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe together as they were connected in the public conscieness by the film "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" for a couple of years after that films release. It is definately NOT the last incarnation on NBC as that was hosted by Bill Cullen.
Reviewer: Val Ginter - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 28, 2009
Subject: Date of broadcast?
I am somewhat uncomfortable with the September 26, 1951 airdate for this Down You Go episode for a number of reasons. Errors have a tendency to compound as they travel from one database to another, and I believe this particular Down You Go broadcast is from late 1954, 1955 or 1956—after the show had moved to New York.

Down You Go began in Chicago in May of 1951 broadcast from WGN-TV’s Studio 1A located at 445 North Michigan Avenue. The original panelists were Robert Breen Fran Coughlin, Toni Gilman, and Carmelita Pope.

In late 1954, the program moved to New York and was seen on DuMont, CBS, ABC and NBC in succession.

While viewing this kinescope, I suspected something askew simply by hearing the announcer and looking at the New York-style television lighting. I didn’t recognize the announcer as being one of WGN’s announcers from the early fifties, and WGN-TV’s video engineers were shading their black and white pictures very flat which, I guess, was a holdover from the fluorescent lighting period of the late forties and early fifties. The studio lighting on this kinescope is very “New York.”

The kinescope gives a plug for United Airlines which transports “members of the panel” (e.g., Evans and Coughlin) to New York.

Also, at the end of the program is an “id” commercial for The Loretta Young Show (“on another network”). The Loretta Young Show began in 1953 (on NBC).

According to the first edition of The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh, Patricia Cutts joined the show in 1955 (after it had moved to New York) and WGN’s Fran Coughlin was the only one of the original panelists to remain with the show. This book was written in 1979, many years before Internet accessibility; Brooks and Marsh, in my opinion, did quite a bit of research.

Also, the director on the kinescope is credited as being Joe Cates. Barry McKinley was directing the show in Chicago. He handled most of the heavy stuff that originated from WGN-TV—particularly the DuMont Chicago-originated presentations. Although I am not positive, I do not believe Joe Cates directed Down You Go during its earliest days on WGN-TV in Chicago.

This kinescope may have been mislabeled as for the date. (This may even be a DuMont Electronicam, which was leased by CBS for a short period in the middle 1950s prior to the VTR revolution.)
Reviewer: tommyk_tizzo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 15, 2009
Subject: Memories from the studio audience
This show aired again locally on WGN-TV in Chicago during 1961-62. Bergen Evans came back as host and Carmelita Pope was a returning panelist, although she is not featured on this episode) The only other panelist I remember is Dr. Evans's colleague, Robert Breen, from the Northwestern University speech department.

I was in the studio audience a couple of times when I was in sixth grade. Looking back now, the show seems like "Wheel of Fortune" for smart people. I can't imagine why our uploader included "lame" among his/her keywords, but I'm glad he shared.
Reviewer: cathyftr - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 28, 2009
Subject: The last DuMont show
In one of my trivia books, I remember reading that "Down You Go" was the last entertainment show to had aired on DuMont ( 1955/1956 ). After "Down You Go" ended, pretty much the only shows left on DuMont were sporting matches like boxing though Washington, DC's WTTG had planned on beaming their local teenage dance show "Milt Grant" to other cities since the "rumor" at the time was that some show in Philadelphia called "Bandstand" hosted by this kid named "Dick Clark" and there were plans to make that show national.

Anyway in the end, Milt Grant's show remained just a DC only show but for Dick Clark and his "Bandstand...ah I think you know what happened there.
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